faculty of medicine and health science


Faculty of Medicine and health science provides quality education for health care professionals in Puntland and Somalia in general. The faculty strives to produce qualified and competent health care providers. This will contribute sustainable development for health sector in the country. 


  1.  Department of Medicine and Surgery
  2.  Department of Nutrition and Food Science
  3. Department of Medical Laboratory
  4. Department of Public Health
  5. Department of Midwifery
  6. Department of Nursing


  1. Original secondary certificate completion
  2. Two passport size photos
  3. Student must be Science Stream 
  4. Student grade must be B+ or above (Department of medicine and surgery)
  5. Admission Fee $20 
  6. To Pass the Admission eligibility assessment test (AEAT) and fully completed forms with required attachments should be submitted to the academic registrar office.