faculty of education


A nation without quality a teacher education, is doomed to fail in this twenty first century. As teaching and learning becomes a digitalized process when education institutions adopt the trendy E-learning platforms, noble professions like the teaching profession, should remain at the forefront of maintaining their quality assurance. This is for instance by making sure that the processes of producing such experts is not manipulated. The University of Bosaso – Garowe Faculty of Education is geared towards impacting on the teacher training arena through contemporary pedagogical approaches. A quality education is the most challenging issue in Africa and the proper training of competent teachers is the first step in resolving this issue.

The university intends to produce competent, creative and innovative teachers who will reliably fill up the gap not only in Puntland but also in Somalia and comfortably compete at the international level.


  1. Bachelor of Arts/Science Education
  2. Diploma in Secondary Education
  3. Diploma in early childhood Education


  1. Original secondary certificate completion
  2. Two passport size photos
  3. Admission Fee $20 
  4. To Pass the Admission eligibility assessment test (AEAT) and fully completed forms with required attachments should be submitted to the academic registrar office.