In the contemporary world, the role of research in an academic institution is significant for its sustainability and development. It is imperative to have knowledge-driven growth based on innovation. The quest for knowledge is the basic principle behind the research. The quality of research work directly translates to the quality of teaching and learning processes in the academic institution, thereby benefits the students, the society, and the country at large.


This Research Policy provides a framework for the governance of all research throughout the University. It requires all those undertaking and/or contributing to research to adhere to the highest standards of performance and ethical conduct, and embed good practice in all aspects of their work. They must operate honestly and openly in respect of their own actions and in response to the actions of others involved in research.


  1. Provide a framework for the promotion of research and development;
  2. Ensure effective communication (internally and externally)
  3. Provide support for consultancy, collaboration and outreach (Extension) activities to enhance the research culture.
  4. Provide resources for continued high-level, effective and efficient support for research and affirm research as a priority.
  5. Integrate support for both undergraduate and postgraduate research into the main stream research.