Centre for Innovation and entrepreneurship (CIE) is a key unit at University of Bosaso – Garowe campus, CIE offer future entrepreneurs with the skills they’ll need to thrive in their future careers and Innovate students want to change the world. University of Bosaso – Garowe have launched the Centre for Innovation and entrepreneurship (CIE-UOB) on November 2018, In order to ensure that UOB-G students and graduates receive internship for job replacement and practical entrepreneurship skills to contribute to the wider development of the country , CIE provide them systematic entrepreneurship guidance and mentorship to Innovate and to be part of global change .

CIE beliefs that the next generation of innovators in every field need to bring together to solve the world’s toughest problems by delivering innovative products, services and ways of living.


To equip young generation with the most in-demand skills that will allow them to create opportunities and to find innovative solutions to address local challenges including the rapid unemployment through innovation and enterprise


To unleash the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Bosaso to create a new culture of student startups


CIE is a Hub intended to promote an entrepreneurial culture among individuals and institutions in the country, the Centre fosters innovation driven entrepreneurship through incubation, investment, research and training.


  • To incorporate academic output into innovation and entrepreneurial
  • To provide a forum for UOB’s staff and students to be active participants in employment and wealth
  • To promote Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) amongst the University, business community and other
  • To create a model business and innovation
  • To spur start-ups in Puntland in specific and Somalia in general to a steady growth for socio-economic growth
  • To seek internship program that lead students job replacements